Félix Manzanero

Félix Manzanero was born in Madrid in 1.937.at fourteen he began his apprenticeship at José Ramirez´s workshop.

He learnt there the difficult art of making string instruments. After stay there for twelve years, he begen his own business and workshop at Santa Ana street, in Madrid, where many famous concert players from all over the world have visited him to admire his guitars.

Félix Manzanero has dedicated a great part of his time to investigacion of the guitar and the study of the sound for many years.

He has build a guitar without fan braces and with a seventh interior string. He has designed also an Eliptical guitar trying to ger a better sound.

At the moment, together a group of engineers, he is investigating the development of an elaborated Tecnical System to find the ideal measurement of the armonic table before mounting the instrument.

Félix Manzanero is also a great collector of antique guitars  (XVIII th, XIX th   and  XX th  Centuries)

and has a collection wich has gained the admiration of some of the most famous collectors of a guitars in the world.

These are showed in his workshop alongside his own guitars.