The Work of the Manzanero´s Guitars.

All the woods of our guitars are carefully selected to be of the finest quality. The wood used for the making of the guitars has an age of at least 25 years, giving the required special sound and the impossibility of movement and cracking. After the selection of the wood it is then treated for two years with special care in his own dryers. 


The Soundboard

The Soundboard is the part which requires the maximum care as from this depends the sound of the instrument. It is made of German Spruce and is worked until the desired measurement is obtained for each type of soundboard.


On the outside of this soundboard and opening are plcaed the Rosette which consist of 8.500 tiny handmade pieces of diferent coloured woods which are inlaid and give the nice aspect that we all know.


On the inside of this soundboard are situated the sound ribs plus others of a smaller size to make the reinforcement of the fan brace and the internal overbraces, this is what the interior of the soundboard consists of.


The Sides

The Sides like the back are made of Rosewood for the Classic Concert guitar and in Cypress for the Flamenco. Their shape takes place after being heat treated. This treatment is done over a small oven after the wood having being layed in water during aproximately four hours. Afterwards the block or support is glued to the lower loint.




The Back

Its mission together with the Sides is to make the sound box. The Back has three transversal braces plus one vertical in the centre which aids to join the two pieces which comprise the Back.